ONLY PLAY is a sports brand launched in 2006. We allow women all over the world, to train and compete in value for money sports related clothing. Our price points give the lucky ones, an opportunity to flow with the trend in sport fashion during a full season. The fine balance between athleisure and training is our focus. We commit to the idea, that even in relaxing hours, you need to stay tuned, trendy and sporty.


This small and unique collection will be launched July 2020. The major topic of this capsule will be sustainability. We will focus on high trend in fashion, and the foundation will be sustainable, natural and recycled fabrics. Biodegradable fabrics are both gender less and season less.


Our main collection intercept the huge fashion trends from all over the world. To be a trend driven authentic sports brand, we seek our inspiration in the biggest cities around the world. The collection is built in 4 yearly collections and contain a fine balance between training and  athleisure styles.


Our NOOS collection is our entry level. It contains both athleisure- and training wear. These products are often less trendy, but solid good products and with a high value of money attitude. Products will often emerge in retail, around events and used as a B2B foundation for mange companies.


With this huge program, ONLY PLAY set a new “all-in” approach to training, lifestyle and wellness. These products will contain a higher level of performance driven fabrics. You will be able to find cool, simple and intelligent features in all products. Products will be live in January 2020 and it’s all about knowing your classic products.

Our Run performance program, combine cool innovative features, reflective details and shape up qualities. We also secured, that you can bring your smartphone, while running.  You will find a full range of 10 running specific products.

Our Training performance program combine cool innovative features and shape up qualities. All thighs have a “sexy back” attitude and most of them are high waist. You will find a full range of 8 training related products.

Whatever you are looking for outdoor or indoor bike gear, you will be able to find both among our 8 bike products. Our ambition is to keep the foundation of a solid bike product but twist it with our DNA as a trend driven sports brand. To salute the products, we want to frame it with fair prices, so we allow everyone to flow with the trends.

11 new athleisure styles in 3 different price segments. Whatever you are looking for trendy or innovative athleisurewear, you will find it among our new athleisure performance products.

We now present an underwear program for the active and sporty female consumer. For a relaxed, but sporty daily approach, we launch a simple but sporty cotton program. If you want to pump up your heart rate, the new circular knit program will become your favorite. The circular program will be seem-free and take on architectural construction.